Active Data Mover

The Active Data Mover is a new product in the Active Circle portfolio. The Active Data Mover allows to offload data from primary to secondary storage and to automate the archive and preservation workflows. The Active Data Mover is able to copy, sync or move directories or entire file systems from expensive storage such as SAN or high-speed NAS, to cost-effective disk or LTO tape managed by Active Circle.

Offload your Primary Storage

The primary storage, whether high-speed SANs or scale-out NAS, is usually filled up with loads of files that you don’t need to read within the millisecond.

This data could reside on secondary storage,  where it would be protected and accessible for re-use.

It could be shared between multiple users, and indexed for easy search and retrieval. You would simplify the workflow, increase your level of data protection and optimize your storage costs.

Automate the Archive workflow

The Active Data Mover offers multiple policies for your data: cumulative sync via incremental copy, or just a move to the secondary storage. The Data Source is a directory or a file system in your primary storage, and the destination is an Active Circle share with all the benefits of Active Circle including HSM. 

Copy, Sync or Move

The most popular policy is the Copy, which incrementally copies and offers immediate protection and long-term data retention. Then you can remove the data from the primary storage manually, knowing that a historical copy is available.

The Sync mode creates a mirror in the secondary storage. Deleted files are removed in the secondary storage. Then you can activate history in Active Circle to keep all data updates in the secondary.

The Move policy copies and deletes from the source according to the defined policy. For example you can move all files older than six months from your primary storage. When you need it, this data is accessible in the same file structure.

Filters and scheduling

Include or exclude filters are available for selecting or rejecting source files. Filters are based on name, size, date or other file attributes.  Then the jobs are scheduled by a calendar-based powerful policy.

Monitor Jobs

All jobs are monitored and traced by the administration interface. You can see job statistics such as number of files, data volume, and current status. You can pause and re-start a job if you need to. You can also drill-down to the individual files that have been copied or moved for each job. 


  • Full web-based application
  • Compatible with Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox
  • Based on Active Media Connector, the Active Circle web services API
  • Data mover engine runs on linux, possibly an Active Circle node
  • Reads from any primary storage accessible via SAN clients or through the LAN


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