Active Media Explorer

Explore your media files

Active Media Explorer is a user-oriented software for indexing, searching and sharing media files such as video and images. Index your media content. Search, browse and view low-res proxies. Select and retrieve the hi-res media.

Active Media Explorer: a media-oriented user interface

Searching for image or video content in an archive with millions of objects can be a time-consuming task. File names and structures are not self-descriptive, and it is often necessary to restore multiple objects before finding the relevant content. Content owners even re-purchase images or sequences they already own because they are unable to find them within their own assets. Such repetition of tasks is wasted time and generates costs for the organization. The Active Media Explorer provides users with a simple and powerful interface for searching, browsing and restoring content.


Metadata adds value to the archives and allows for easier search, retrieval and re-use of the data. 


Search and Retrieve

Full-text search allows users to find image or video content more rapidly based on multiple criteria. Proxy viewing functionality ensures that you quickly find and restore the desired content, avoiding mistakes and retries.

Browsing Proxies

Active Media Explorer generates H264 proxies for browsing and viewing without retrieving the content from LTO tape. The proxies are stored on disk for faster access. No more retrieving the wrong media!

Integration with Active Circle

The Active Media Explorer is fully integrated with Active Circle and provides a clear view of where the content is located: online, near-line in a tape library or offline. The user can select the content based on availability in terms of restore time.

Main Features Summary

  • Meta-data Index
  • Low-res Proxy Viewing
  • Keyword Search & Retrieve
  • Select & Download
  • Compatible with Video, Audio, Images, Documents
  • LAMP web technology

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