Active Media Library

The turnkey archiving solution

Active Media Library is a pre-configured archive solution consisting of a server, disk space, and an LTO tape library, all managed with the Active Circle software, and available from selected Active Circle partners. Mounted in a rackable format, Active Media Library occupies 4 to 6 U and offers up to 120 TB of capacity.


A packaged solution

Disks provide easy, direct access storage, but LTO tape is more secure for long-term storage of ‘cold’ data such as video archives. Active Media Library combines the best of both worlds, with a first level on disk and a second level on tape. The Active Circle software automatically transfers data to LTO tape in a Hierarchical Storage Management approach (HSM).
  • Staging on disk for faster archive and restore operations
  • Storage on LTO tape for long-term conservation
  • HSM (Hierarchical Storage Management) between disk and tape
  • Media Export in standard TAR or LTFS format for security and portability
  • Direct access to browse and read archives in file server mode
  • MAM integration as an FTP archive target
  • Full compatibility with the complete Active Circle offering


The AML 2X offers 24 slots or 60 TB in LTO-6. It can be equipped with one or two drives and cache to accelerate data transfer. Rackable format, 4U high.


The AML 4X offers 48 slots, two drives and cache to accelerate data transfer. With LTO-6, its native capacity is 120 TB. Rackable format 6U.

AME Option

Active Media Explorer is a user-oriented interface to search, browse and view the archives. It offers proxies, metadata, full text search.



Access in file mode

Active Media Library offers file server access to all archives, including those on tape. All video files are accessible via standard file protocols: FTP or SMB/CIFS for Windows. Users can browse and drag-and-drop the archives, or you can just define Active Media Library as an FTP target for your MAM.



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